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About Me

Specialized in WordPress theme and plugin companies. I work as the carbon copy of the CEO and help the teams achieve their goals with baby steps. Sustainable growth is what I believe in, and that’s what I have to offer.

I am an Expert in eCommerce and eLearning.

I have worked with WordPress-based companies 90% of the time in my whole career. I started as a theme developer, failed as a plugin developer, and then converted into customer service, creative writing, technical writing, email marketing, community engagement, product development, project management, and whatnot!

At some point, I even worked with lawyers for a year to prepare paperwork during the GDPR wave! However, I have focused on eCommerce and eLearning for much of my career.

What I Do

I started my career as a trainer for web development and graphic design. As the earth kept spinning, I learned and mastered several skills.

Content Marketing

I am a full-stack content marketer. I can do everything, starting from keyword research, technical SEO, preparing the content briefs, managing the creative and technical writing team, making and editing images and screenshots, using Figma, Photoshop, and Canva, and developing content publishing and marketing strategies for different channels, produce video and audio with professional equipment.

Customer Support

I have worked for around 8 years, offering customer support directly to different customers of WordPress themes and plugin users. I have trained more than 20 people from different companies for pre-sales and after-sales support. I have expertise in negotiating deals, discounts, and refund requests. My success rate for reversing refund requests is 96% to date. I also have experience managing Linux-based FTP, Web, and Torrent servers. I have a good understanding of email and data-sharing protocols and configurations. I have fair experience with HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Product Management

I have worked closely with the design, development, digital marketing, and content marketing teams for 10 years. During this decade, I have brainstormed ideas and offered constructive feedback on the UI and UX designs, helped the development team with different resources, translated customer requirements, ideas, and bugs in their language, tested bug reports, and managed the projects to fix and communicate them with the reporters and user community. There was significant involvement with the stakeholders inside and outside the company to improve the goodwill.

Community Leadership

I have 3 years of experience in creating a community group of users from scratch for the Tutor LMS plugin and nurturing it. I take pride in engaging with the user community with interactive content, images, and ideas and discussing product features to get them excited and upgrade their subscription plans.

CRM and Email Marketing

I can set up and maintain almost any CRM and Email marketing service that is popular today. From HelpScout to Zendesk, Fluent CRM, Maipoet, Mailchimp, Sendy, different kinds of form plugins for email opt-in, registration, membership, subscription, newsletter service, SPF, DKIM configuration, spam score checkup and compliance, and finally coding the email with modern HTML or Table format with dark mode variation… I have done it all! I have also trained several professionals to effectively use different WordPress and SaaS CRM solutions.

Developer Relations

WordPressians is one of the largest WordPress developer groups. It has more than 22,000 members from Bangladesh. I am actively assisting them with different questions, ideas, and resources. I am also active on the Reddit thread for WordPress. I help people with their questions regularly. As a speaker, I have attended several international WordCamps and organized a dozen meetups, workshops, and seminars in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have extensive experience with logistics and management as I was the venue lead for WordCamp Dhaka 2019 and lead organizer for WordCamp Dhaka 2023.

WordCamps I have spoken to

WordCamp Ahmedabad, 2023
WordCamp Udaipur, 2023
WordCamp Asia, 2023
WordCamp Nagpur, 2022

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