Reset Lubuntu, Ubuntu or Any Debian Based Distro and Migrate to Other Distro


I was using Lubuntu since last two months on my laptop. But I had scrambled some PHP versions and had multiple apache2 installations. Moreover, my ibus based language input system was conflicting with a earlier installed version.

I was also not happy with the graphics and performance of Lubuntu. So I decided to have a fresh Ubuntu install.

I used Rufus first but the pen drive did not boot. Checked the boot priority, it was okay and the USB device was the first priority. Tried again and failed.

I don’t know why I enabled fast boot later but that totally removed the bios accessing system. Esc, F1, F12, Del… none of the keys helped.

So used the “Startup Disk Creator” tool of Lubuntu. I had some issues earlier last week when I tried to set up a IP Logging server and used “Unet bootin”. So did not try that one. Nothing was helping and it was 12 in the morning.

Then suddenly it clicked on my mind that Lubuntu is a variant of Ubuntu, so I might be able to migrate. So after a couple of searches. I found the commands. But despite following each and every step carefully, Lubuntu was still there.

At the end, I came to know about Resetter – an awesome tool to factory reset any Debian based distro.

It worked really quick and did the trick!

Here is the repo link of Resetter

If you have any questions, please free to ask them in the comments section. I will try my best to help.


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