My Personal Recommendations for Distributed Company and Employee


Coronavirus or Covid-19 is pushing a lot of us to stay in home quarantine and work remotely. Recently, my current company JoomShaper went to full remote mode and some of my colleagues asked me to share some tips about how to be productive and stay motivated while working from home.

I have been on trial for Automattic as a Happiness Engineer back in 2017 for 6 weeks. During that period, I learned the best practices to work remotely, share information with the team, keeping my data safe and how actually remote companies work. Later, I worked for Tomorrow System, as a remote employee from late 2017 to early 2019. I suffered from a serious level of depression and almost lost my creative side at the end of 2018. So, I will share everything depending on the experiences I had during 2017 – 2019. Point to be noted that I was born raised and

1. Get The Right Tools

No matter if you’re a company owner or an employee, you both need to have the right tools to communicate, list the tasks, hold meetings, share files and sometimes order food ?

Here are some of my recommendations to consider-

  1. Stable internet connection.
  2. Smartphone for emergency hotspot and mobile communication.
  3. I prefer a Macbook because of the stability and ease of software.
  4. Stable electricity with backup.
  5. Comfortable temperature and pest control.
  6. The software stack-
    1. Trello, Basecamp or any other project management tool or just a simple notebook.
    2. Apple Notes
    3. Apple Reminder
    4. Slack, Skype, Zoom, Team Viewer, AnyDesk

2. Follow a Routine

A fixed routine might sound boring and too much to maintain for the young people these days but helps! Going to bed at the same time everyday and waking up, taking shower, having timely meals and most importantly, frequent breaks throughout the day will help you a lot to stay motivated and get more things done.

Different people might feel productive at different hours during the days and night. So, it is a good idea to keep some common specific hours for meetings and chats.


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