One Bangladeshi Company I Admire the Most


Despite working at startups, I was quite annoyed with the “startup buzz”. All the lame competitions and pitching events people organized seemed funny to me.

It was the time when the startup storm was quite over and I came to know about a bike sharing app named “Pathao“.

One day I was late (like always) for office and I thought of requesting a ride instead of hiring an auto rickshaw. I reached office within 40 mins instead of 2 hours sitting in the morning traffic. That was the day I decided that I am not going to sleep in the bus anymore and will try to use Pathao as much as possible.

Another day, I was hanging out with friends 22km away from home and it was quite late. I requested for a ride 3 times but no one accepted. I was quite disappointed. As there is nearly zero “real” customer support in Bangladesh, I had no expectations from them.
I was surprised to receive a call from their customer support team and they replied that they are going to find someone for me within 10 mins. After 3 mins they called again and said someone coming to pick me up from 5km distance.
So within 8 mins, I found my ride to home and reached before any other vehicle could!

Recently, they launched food delivery service. Their minimum order limit is only BDT 50 ($0.60) and delivery charge is BDT 60 ($0.70) whereas other international and local services charge BDT 100-120 and minimum order limit is BDT 300. Their pricing is great and they even promise to deliver hot coffee. So they are now way ahead of any other local or international ride sharing, food and parcel delivery companies.

I am not only impressed with their services and quality. I also like the way they are moving forward considering the needs of the people of this country and how we prefer to have such services.

Moreover, their company culture and the people work there are cool too. I know 2-3 people from the company not all of them and never asked about their company culture. I reached to this conclusion because of the level of service, innovation and consistency. If they did not care about the users and the employees, they would have never reached this far within this much short time and that too competing with international giants with millions of dollars backing.

What is the Bangladeshi company you admire most?


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