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I was looking for a LMS plugin to make a portal for a university. When I was searching for plugins on Google, I have read a lot about LearnPress but I had to struggle a lot with the bugs and sometimes my entire site got broken and was showing 503 error.

So I decided to go for a very new plugin which was released recently. I was very hesitant in the beginning as the install count is very low but two 5 star reviews helped me to trust them and give it a try.

Surprisingly it worked!

I am still working on the site and the teachers are working on the content. If you too are looking for an alternative, you can check Tutor LMS.

When I have talked with them via email, I got to know that they are working on a pro version with certificate and many other essential features. I will update here once I get to try the pro version.


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  1. Aion Avatar

    Sorry to say this, but I tried tutor lms and it crahsed my site. I was getting 503 error constantly and had to remove the plugin manually from ftp to have my site running again.
    Then I used learnpress and it worked fine.

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