What jobs you can do as a student in Bangladesh?


Tuition – A big NO!

If you ask someone what can I do to earn my pocket money or pay college, most of the people will tell you to be a home tutor. I too used to be a home tutor from my high school days. I still see some of my friends still offer private tutions and help prepare juniors for university admission tests.

Being a lecturer at the admission coaching centers are cool as they are similar to actual school and follows a formal structure. But I do not support offering private tutions. This job just sucks out all the energy and never helps in the future unless you want to attend Bangladesh Civil Service exam. This is the only use case I found from my life and all the educated people I know.

Even if you want to be a teacher at a school or college, house tutoring will not help because the environment, approach and everything else are different.

If someone asks me for career advice, I would never mention tuition no matter how much you can earn.

Earn experience and gather knowledge. Money will find its way.

Find something relevant for the future

Everyone’s situation with life, family and ambition are different. So the advice or planning should be case specific as well.

If you are in 11th standard or above and want to be a doctor, you can ask the local pharmacy shop if they can offer you a job. The salary will not be enough but it will definitely will make things easier for you in the future.

Similarly, if you want to be a business tycoon in future you can work at a super shop. For future fashion designers, tailoring shops are the place.

These are just examples to show you how can you relate your future ambition while you’re still a student.

If you really need money

If you are in a really bad situation and need money more than preparing for the future, then you can consider finding work in these places. They offer decent salary to bear the minimum expense.

  1. Super store
  2. Sales person at shopping malls and clothing stores.
  3. Service staff at restaurant, cafe and fast food chains.
  4. Brand promotion
  5. Door to door marketing/selling
  6. Customer service
  7. Computer operator
  8. Data entry
  9. Bike and car sharing service driver (Pathao, Uber, Muv, Sam etc.)
  10. Photo, Audio, Video Editing
  11. Graphic Design
  12. Content Writing
  13. Tour guide
  14. Baby sitting
  15. Pet Care
  16. Joining platforms like Sheba, Handymama etc.


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