How to upgrade PHP version on Namecheap Hosting


I use a cPanel based hosting from Namecheap. I used to contact their customer support before to upgrade my PHP or database version but today I thought let’s see if there is any option on the cpanel to upgrade or select the PHP version.

1. Search for Select PHP Version

I searched on the control panel and found that there is actually a PHP Selector feature.

2. Select your desired PHP version

I clicked on that and found that there is a dropdown to select the PHP version I want to use! So I selected the highest PHP version and enabled the modules I need. Within a minute I am done and didn’t have to waste time with live chat and providing PIN or any other security info.

If you you too use cPanel based hosting, please search your dashboard before contacting live chat or sending a mail to support or calling them. Save your time, money and effort 😉


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  1. Devid Avatar

    I am searching on google how to update php version on namecheap and I find your post. And after reading your content, hopefully, now we can update. Thank you!

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