How to turn on or off a module from Jetpack


I was setting up Jetpack for a new site. I like the interface and love to have all the sites within one single app!

I wanted to use their contact form feature on the new site. But the changes on the form settings were not being saved. So after scratching my head a few hours, I decided to remove the contact form feature of Jetpack from my site and use Contact From 7 instead.

I sent a support request with a video showing what am I doing with the form and how it is not helping.

I also asked if the issue can not be fixed right away, I want to turn it off.

I found some documentation and blog posts about configuring the contact form feature. But could not find any information to switch the features. All the pages on the internet has the old screenshots and instructions.

After a couple of hours, a support staff from the Jetpack team sent a reply and replied that I was not saving the form settings from the post screen.

He also included a hidden link to turn on and off modules from Jetpack!

Here is the URL `/wp-admin/admin.php?page=jetpack_modules`

This screen can not be accessed directly from the menu. They do not have this link mentioned on any of their documentation. So you can bookmark this page in case you need it in future.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding Jetpack 🙂


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