How to install/remove a widget on macOS High Sierra


As I am working remotely with an Italian company but living in Bangladesh, I often need to google the time to know the time difference. So I was thinking there should be a world clock widget somewhere for me to use.

I did find one in the sidebar but that was analog one and I was looking for a digital format.

So I googled and found that custom widgets can be installed too! It was quite hard to find the download link -_-
As an example, you can view this page

You’ll not find a link or text or button that says download. Later I found that the number of downloads is the link to download the file.

That downloads a .zip file and inside that, there should be a .wdgt file.

How to install a widget on OSX?

Copy the .wdgt file and open your library folder. It should be located at the root of your hard disk. If you’re unable to find the Hard disk icon on the finder, you have to enable it from the finder preferences.

So the ultimate location for the widgets is


Place the widget file you have downloaded here and you will find the widget on your dashboard. The dashboard can be launched from the Spotlight Search.

Now if you click on the ⨁ icon from the bottom left corner, you will be able to see the newly installed widget and add it to the dashboard.

How to uninstall or remove a widget from OSX?

Navigate to the Library -> Widget folder and delete the respective file and you’re done. If you still see the unwanted widget on the dashboard, you can remove that by clicking on the minus icon on the bottom left corner.


Have questions? Or unable to find the mentioned things? Feel free to comment below. I will help as soon as I get a notification.


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  1. Joe Lowe Avatar


    Thank you so much .. was struggling for 2-3 hours to figure out how to install my old favorite widget “Screenshot Plus” on High Sierra macOS 10.13.2.

    Thanks so much!

    The folks running Apple are getting really sloppy now that iPhones are generating all their revenue. The Mac user is clearly being neglected!.

    1. Sekander Avatar

      Hello Colin,
      Sorry to know that you’re having issues installing widget.

      You can check if the widget folder is hidden or not. If it is actually not there, you can try creating the folder.

      Please note that I suggested this from my own understanding. I am not sure if this is the best way or it will work or not. You can consult apple support before changing anything on your system folder.

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