How to create an app on Facebook


In this tutorial, I am going to list the steps to create a Facebook app from scratch and be real quick with that. It is simple and will not take more than 5 minute.

Go to home page

Login with your Facebook credentials. After logging in, you will get a menu named “My Apps” on top bar. Hover over that and you will see a link to create “add a new app”. Click on that.

Add a new appp

Now a dialogue will come up and ask you to choose the platform you want to develop for. This time I need it for a WordPress plugin, so I will choose “website”.

platform options

Now it will ask you for a name. So we will put meetup here. You will see a button below, right after entering the name “Create New Facebook App ID”

enter app name

Now it will ask you for confirmation and to choose a category. I am choosing communication this time  and hit “Create New Facebook App ID”.

choose category and confirm

The next screen would be asking you to use their JavaScript SDK. But we do not need that. So we will skip that. To skip the quick start screen, you will have a link named “Skip Quick Start” on the top right corner. Click on that.

skip quick start

On the next screen, you will see your app ID. Select that and hit ctrl+c or right click and copy and paste where you need it.

get app id


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