How to add external products to Easy Digital Downloads


Easy Digital Downloads does not have external product listing feature on their core. So if you want to do affiliate marketing or list your products which are being sold from another domain, you need to install a plugin.

A free plugin is available on to add this feature. You can search from your WordPress dashboard for “Easy Digital Downloads – External Products” or download from here.

Easy Digital Downloads - External Product

This plugin works for most of the users. But one thing I found it lacks is opening the links in new tab. So I made a small change to add this feature.

How to Open Easy Digital Downloads – External Product Links in a New Tab

  1. Download and install the plugin suggested above
  2. You will find a file named edd-external-products.php. Open that with a text editor. If you are doing this in a live server, you can use the editor from cPanel or us an FTP client to edit the file.
  3. On line number 211, you will see something like this-
    edd-external line 211
  4. Add the target="_blank" attribute to the line. So it will look like this
    EDD - external edited
  5. Save the file and reload a external product page. Now you will see that the links are opening in new tab.


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