How not to write a blog post (especially on the company blog)


You might be a tiny little blogger or an individual who likes to write about the new things they learn or their daily experience. If this is the case, it is okay for you to feel down somedays and use a dull tone to write a thing or two on your personal blog.

Feeling low is totally okay and I am not against that. I am not saying you should always jump with joy and energy in all your blog posts like those Instagram bloggers or youtube vloggers do. People are intelligent these days and they can identify a fake smile or enthusiasm very easily and it is very disappointing.

Why writing in a grey tone is bad?

People actually don’t care about how you feel unless they have a personal connection with you. People come to the internet to feel happy, feel entertained, laugh and share positive vibes with their friends and hundreds of other people that they refer as friends.

So, if you are using a dull tone because you are not feeling right today, your writing will not reach many people. Most of them will stop reading halfway, some might not read after a couple of lines and will close the tab. What worse can happen is that because of this one bad experience or negative vibe, they might not come back again for a long time or start judging each of your posts before they read the next one.

Missing the rainbow on a company blog

If you are an online company serving people all over the world, your blog is one of the most important parts of your company. Because it is the front desk of your company which communicates with the world and shows who you are, what things you care about and how you respond to people and recent issues.

So, if you are not showing your enthusiasm when announcing a new feature of your product, introducing new plans or sharing a good news with your readers, it will hurt you bad. Real bad.

Your company blog is not a place for the interns. It should never have a half-baked content. Even if all of your content developers are having the writer’s block (which is somewhat impossible), you should not publish a post that seems less than great. In situations like this, you may try sourcing the content from some other company or a freelancer because the show must go on! But you should never risk your audience lose interest in your content and start judging if your write-ups are worth their time.

So if you are publishing blog posts regularly, people read and never comment, you know what you’re doing wrong.

What I recommend

Company Owners: Whenever you’re hiring a new technical writer or a content development executive (or whatever fancy job title you give to your blog writer) ask them to write about a good news and a bad news.

Something like “One of our developer died yesterday from caffeine attack” and “I received hundred litre tomato ketchup for free” and see the level of enthusiasm, positive energy and emotion they show on their writing. Don’t just put the word “energetic” on your job post.

Writers or people looking for a job: You read what I wrote above. Try writing something like that and discuss with friends about showing empathy on your writing, using better words to express your emotions. People can’t see your face or feel your situation. So, even it’s a dry post about just a new software or a stupid android game, you must feel excited. You must write in a way that people feel excited to comment on your post and download your software or app and pay.

You’re not just a writer. You’re no less than a salesman, a product owner and the communication manager. You alone have the power to ruin the company image or make it a great success.

Never ever play with the companies reputation. If you’re not feeling like writing today, talk to your boss, take the day off and go somewhere you like. If you’re constantly feeling like not writing anything or not feeling the right amount of energy, slap yourself a couple of times, have a red bull and try as much hard as you can. But please show 2-3 person to get a non-biased review before publishing.


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