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In this post, I have mentioned how I work with promotion mails. If you do not know what is a promotion mail or  a newsletter, you should have a look at the resources section I have mentioned below.

You may know that currently I am working for weDevs Limited, famous for frontend based plugins especially their marketplace plugin Dokan. Often I have to write mails to the customers and subscribers to inform about our latest products, services, discount offer and important blog posts. weDevs use one of the best newsletter plugin MailChimp to manage their campaigns.

If I am going to notify the users about an important blog post, then it does the job giving me less pain. It has a feature to select an existing post and include the excerpt in the mail with a link to complete post. So I have nothing much to do for that. But the other cases like promoting latest products or offers are different and needs a bit care while writing and sending. Even I have to look at the mail and the performance some hours later!

Things to keep in mind while writing a promotional news letter:

1. From:

This field is really important as any of us look at this field in our inbox before opening a mail. Make sure you are writing your company name but nothing else. This will prove your credibility/authenticity to your potential customer. If you misuse this field with something that does not name your company, then the user will NEVER open the mail and even can mark as spam. So he will never read any mail from you ever again!

2. Subject:

This is the most important part why you need to be damn creative and think wearing the readers shoe. You have to figure out what will really describe the purpose of your mail and equally invoke the user to click on the subject and read what is inside their. If you fail to do that carefully, the user might not open the mail and all your hard work might go in vain.

3. The Message Body:

Okay, now you have successfully made the user to open your mail. But this is the moment of truth. We all know that we do not read everything we just see in front of our eyes. We scan through readable content and read and take into our brain what is important or we are consciously looking for or expecting. So you must state your key purpose of disturbing the reader in first two lines!

This post is not complete yet! I will complete it within tomorrow.

No one going to read the whole mail which will take more than 2 minutes.

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