Firefox Test Pilot Sprint, Dhaka


It’s been a long I have attended a Mozillians event;

Hossain Al Ikram, the community lead of Mozilla QA Bangladesh gave a status on his Facebook profile asking for a photographer for his next event. I had moderate experience using DSLR cameras. So I commented on that status and this is how I got invitation to join the Firefox Test Pilot Sprint Dhaka.

I had no idea about the venue or the date when I opted in. There was a 3 day vacation because of the weekend and one national holiday and that wicked man arranged the event between that.

I was planning to go out of Dhaka and spend some quiet time alone. But attending a community event is exciting too. So I decided to stay at the city and attend both days.

Luckily, he managed 3 or more professional photographers for the event. So I was there just like a regular contributor.

What did we do?

Firefox made the test pilot program to allow the QA contributors to test new features on their existing browser with just an add-on installed.

The graphics on the test pilot site is cool and I really liked the UX. You should check their site here

I have tested Snooze Tabs, Page Shot, Min Vid and Activity Stream. They are really useful feature. Especially, I liked the Snooze Tabs and Page Shot feature. I was out managing the snacks along with the organizer in the evening. So I could not join the attendees to test the container feature. I think it would be the next big deal for Firefox.

What was different this time?

On previous events, there would be some selected peers and mentors to demonstrate things and they would be everywhere disregard the topic, place and audience.

But this time I saw all the new faces! I have never met any of them except 3-4 contributors. I found a new contributor from my college and I felt great. He helped me with the ticket and took a selfie with me :p

Meeting new people is one of my favorite things. So I can say that this weekend did not went into vain.

Everything was well organized, the meal was warm and delicious. The organizers and mentors arranged some fun activities to keep the attendees energized. So it was not that much boring after all!

The last surprise was celebrating a contributors birthday. We had a cake, cola and a lot of party foam. Literally everyone was covered with party foam. The birthday girl had quite a bath with the foam.

On the second day, I got a chance to talk about writing blogs and gave some tips to make their work easily accessible and enjoyable.

I don’t remember if we have finished any blog post on our previous events. But this time we had multiple blogs completed in Bengali and English before lunch. So that was a great achievement.

I was tired from the week long office pressure. So I left early on the last day and I don’t have a picture with the group -_-

But here is a group picture from Day 1 😀


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