Why each employee needs to involve with customers


You may be a purchase manager at a super shop, an IT manager at a bank, an architect, a singer or a software developer; it doesn’t matter what your job description is. Each employee in a company should involve with the person who is paying.

You might say that, “I am an artist. There are fans. They don’t pay me. The event organizer does”.

Yes, you’re correct. But the truth is, the event organizer called you because of the fans!

So in this case, you are receiving the money from the event guy. He is important and you should care about him. But the fans need more care. The end user matters the most.

Same applies for a software company. A developer might buy a tool from you. But he is not using the features of that tool. Not even his client. The end users would be someone who none of you know and might reside thousands of kilometers away.

To make things easier here is an example-

weDevs is a software development company who made Dokan – a marketplace solution.
A developer named Joel bought the plugin for his client Tom. Tom has a marketplace named instashopping.com.

Joel and his client Tom is definitely important for weDevs. But weDevs should more care about the visitors of instashopping.com. Because they are the end user of the marketplace software. Any bug on the software will affect the customers and visitors directly and they will be the first to know that the software instashopping.com uses has a bug and it can be improved in this and that way.

weDevs will also get the best idea to improve the experience on their software from the customers of instashopping.com. Because the administrator only configures the system once and then forgets it.

Just like plumbing fittings on your house. RFL did not sell any of his bathroom fittings to you directly. The fittings came to you after changing several hands of distributors and traders.

But you are the end user of the fittings. So RFL has to think about YOU. Not the store owners and distributors. Because as long as you two are on the same page, the product will be usable and will sustain on the market. The suppliers and distributors are just small part of the system.

How to involve the end users with everyone

Managing Director: A managing director should spend at least 3-4 hours a week to go through the weekly customer communications to understand what is going on in the industry, where his company standing now, what decisions needs to be made. Actually, all of his decisions should be according to the customer and customer base needs.

Did you see that I did not mention the word “market”? All I say is customer, customer and customer!

Because the customer is the market! If there’s no one to buy your products, then there is no market for you.

You should never design a product because it is so cool and people will like it. You should always look for problems and provide a solution.

Because I personally believe that all the cool things are already there. So there’s no point fighting with the traditional revenue concerned companies.

There is still time to think from the customer’s perspective and design solutions, not products!

I would request you to change your company concentration to always decide each and every task keeping the end user in mind. I am sure that you will thank me one day ?

Engineers: You’re the people that design solutions. You’re the most important part of the system. So you should never add the blue color just because the MD or you like it on the product. Or your cat thinks it looks cool.

You should always think about the end user who would use the product to solve his problem.

Believe me, people always don’t care about the look as long as it works! That even applies to the girl you have a crush on. She will only remember how you treated her. Not how cool is your haircut is. ?

But yes a smart man needs to be well suited. But only the sufficient amount not too much. So we should never overthink the cool design. Rather be concerned about the use cases and serving the purpose.

Marketing/Sales/Customer Support Staff: We’re the people who talk directly to the buyers or end users. In some cases, we might not meet the end users, but we should definitely talk with them.

A marketing staff should never try to sell his product. If you are saying that our product can do this, this and that… people will just ignore you. If you want to know what problems they are having and offer a solution, they will pay attention and might be friends with you!

As a sales representative, you should never try to convince the lead that your product is definitely the best. What you can tell that your product will solve his issues. That matters to the customer or the leads. They never care how much standards you maintain or how many awards you got!

Customer Support staffs are the most crucial people for a business. If you can offer a solution to a troubled user, he will be happy and will help your business to grow. You do not have to offer him any free service or product. As long as the customer is being heard, he will be loyal and spread your services to the community. This is the most effective marketing channel and you don’t need to spend tons of money just to stay active in the market.

I have just mentioned some examples. Not all of it. You just need to sit back and think “How can I use customer feedback to improve what I am doing?” and that’s it. You already know the answer and you will be able to plan your work according to that.


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